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Different Types of Valves Used in the Oil & Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry mainly focuses on exploration, extracting, refining and transporting of fuel products. To carry out these functions a secure piping system is essential. A piping system cannot be built without valves. Valves help in starting, stopping or regulating the flow of contents.

Read through the article to learn about different types of valves used in the oil and gas industry.

Types of valves in the oil and gas industry

Valves used in the above-mentioned industry can be classified in various ways. Camtech is a leading manufacturer of valves in the industry. The Camtech Manufacturing is the first API accredited valve manufacturing company in UAE. The valves manufactured by Camtech are of high quality and advanced in terms of technology. The valves by Camtech are used in various industries like oil, gas, petrochemicals, refineries, power and water industries.

  1. ARV – It stands for Automatic Recirculation Valve. This type of valve has multiple applications in the industry. ARV valve is mainly used for ensuring a predetermined flow is maintained through centrifugal pipes. These pipes can get overheated, it is important to maintain a predetermined flow.
  • Control Valve: are the type of valve that is used to control the complete flow, pressure, and temperature in the industry. This type of valves can be operated remotely as they can be automatically controlled.
  • Ball Valves: this type of valve is widely used in the oil and gas industry. The ball-shaped disk is used to control the flow and gives it the name ball valve. When you open a ball valve the holes in the ball stay in line with the body allowing the material to flow.
  • Gate valve: the next type of valve that is used in the oil and gas industry is a gate valve. This type of valve is used in the industry to regulate a straight-line flow of fluids. Gate valves are also used in situations where minimum flow restriction is required. Gate valves vibrate when open and cannot be operated quickly.
  • Globe valve: Globe valve is used in the oil and gas industry to throttle the fluid flow. Getting a gate valve fixed is pretty simple. The main function of a globe valve is to create a pressure drop in the pipeline to help the contents pass through the nonlinear passage.

6.    Pigging valve: Pigging valve has been used in the oil and gas industry for almost 50 years. They are mainly used in the industry for cleaning and maintenance of the piping system. Additionally, pigging valves are also used in the production, storage, and refining of oil and gas

Bottom Line: Valves play an important role in the oil and gas industry. Valves are of various types, each valve has its importance and purpose in the industry. Different types of valves help in control, modulate, regulate the flow and maintenance of the piping devices.